REF. 902996 FFP3 pliable avec valve EN 149 CE

Aplications Offers protection against solid and liquid particles of medium and high toxicity (against solid and liquid aerosols, metallic smoke and smoke from welding or smelting processes). Nuisance odors out of organic vapors. Exhalation valve: Lower breathing resistance and avoids humid and heat buildup underneath the mask. Never use to lter gases or vapors. Do not use in environments containing less than 17% oxygen by volume, nor in explosive atmospheres. High concentrations of dust and particles that can a ect the respiratory tracts. Limit value <0.1 mg/m3 (50 x TLV). USES: sanding, deburring, grinding, drilling. Construction. Metal working foundries. Biological/Allergens: fungi, viruses. Agriculture, livestock sector. Mining/Quarrying. Ceramics. Wood Industry. Store the equipment in its package, in a cool, well-ventilated place, avoiding moisture, lth and dust. Dispose of the mask after use. Designed for one-time use only. Dispose of the mask if it o ers great resistance to breathing. Box of 20 units. Carton of 12 boxes.

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